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Creative Team and Member Sign-up
Are you willing to attend meetings? (assuming they fit your schedule)

Creative Team


    Anybody who is a Member can be on the creative team, but must communicate with the Content Manager and attend meetings regularly. We’re starting by reaching out to EWM majors, but ultimately we’re looking for people from all majors and backgrounds to contribute a wider variety of skill and knowledge to the content and discussions.


     Writing skills are important if someone wants to write, but other skills in art, computers, etc. could be really helpful. It would be useful to deviate away from the traditional article format. We will still put up some articles, but more as a detailed source of information covered by our social media etc..




     Members are the broader base of organized support for TogetherFSU’s social viability, which again should hopefully differentiate us from other related RSO’s and gain traction. We plan on holding more socially oriented meetings once every few weeks and possibly starting IM teams.