See descriptions below the application.

 Executive Board Application




     Treasurer handles the work and foresight required to work with SGA and manage accounts, get promotional materials, fundraise, organize any trips, provide any materials at meetings, buy equipment, pay guests etc that might require payment, etc…


     Needs to be reliable and able to communicate well with both the President and the Outreach Coordinator.


Outreach Coordinator


     Consistent, and well coordinated outreach is essential for both the maintenance and growth of TogetherFSU. 


     This entails reaching out to other student organizations, institutions, guest speakers, interviewees, co-managing the official email with the President and Treasurer, and possibly leading an email newsletter when we have some members.


     Preferably someone who is good with writing, talking to people, and pitching ideas.

Messaging Coordinator 


     Works directly with both the President and Content Manager to oversee the posturing and intention of our media, which is ultimately one of the most important ways TogetherFSU could differentiate itself from other outlets. 


     Functions as a liaison from the top to the bottom, but also has the authority to give orders to the Content Manager if the President approves.


      Preferably, this person would have an equivalent grasp on philosophy and self-education mindset to that of the President.


Content Manager 


     Oversees the organization and neatness of our Google drive, and has the task of both accepting people into the Creative Team and booting people from the Creative Team if necessary.  


     Manages all the social media posts, and takes effort to communicate with the Creative team so we can make those people feel empowered to go out and do cool shit or take on something ambitious.


     Preferably someone who is organized, good at navigating some conflict, and who is familiar with how to communicate to audiences through social media.